SQ2SQ 2011 Day Twelve: Fuente El Fresno to Fuencaliente, Spain

SQ2SQ2011-Day-12-routeSquare to Square Charity Cycle Challenge 2011 Day Twelve, 12 October 2011

Fuente El Fresno to Fuencaliente, Spain

Today the SQ2SQ 2011 Team through the Spanish countryside.

Estimated planned distance: 73miles/117km

Maximum elevation: 2,608ft/795m

Total climb:2,930ft/893m

1 x category 3 climbs

7 x category 5 climbs

Explanation of Category Climbs

Gradual climbs do not receive grades;  the climb needs to have a gradient of more than 3 or 4% to be considered. The total displacement (height) must be greater than 70m.

Category 4 –  climbs of 200-500 feet (70-150m). Length usually less that 2 miles (3km)

Category 3 – climbs of 500-1600 feet (150-500m). Between 2 and 3 miles (3km and 4.5km) in length.

Category 2 – climbs of 1600-2700 feet (500-800m). Between 3 and 6 miles (4.5km and 10km) in length.

Category 1 – climbs of 2700-5000 feet (800-1500m). Between 6 and 12 miles (10km and 20km) in length

Hors (literally ‘out’ or ‘above’) Category – the hardest, climbs of 5000+ feet (1500m+). Usually more than 12 miles (20km) in length

As for gradients, the toughest big climbs are around 7-9%.

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